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Vet. Nutraceutical Preparations

Vet. Nutraceutical Preparations
Vet. Nutraceutical Preparations
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Product Code : 52
Product Description

Vet. Nutraceutical Preparations

Item Name

Pack Size

Ascorbic acid (vitamin C ) 50% w/w

100gm, 1kg

Calcium +Phosphorus+vit. A +Vit.D3+Vit E+Shatavari+Jivanti+Suva+Kamboji Tablets

111mg + 77mg + 250I.U.+ 50I.U + 100mcg + 222mg + 88mg + 55mg + 66mg

Calcium 200 mg+Phosphorus 100 mg+Vitamin D3 1600 I.U+Vitamin B12 6 mcg+Manganese 5 mg+ Vitamin C 10 mg per 10ml

500ml, 1litre, 5litre

Calcium Gluconolactobionate 137.5mg + Vit. B12 50mcg + Vit. D3 5000 I.U in each ml Inj

15ml / 30ml vial

Choline chloride 2gm Liver Extract 125mg +Protein Hydrolysate 50mg + Yeast Extract 50mg + Niacin 24mg +D-Panthenol 2.5mg+ Vit. B12 50mcg+Vit B111.7 mg in each 10ml

250ml, 500ml , 1000ml bottle

Each Pound (454gm )Contains : Synthetic Retinol Concentrate (Oily Form)BP (as Vitamin A Palmitate) 20,000,000IU Vitamin D3 3,000,000IU Vitamin E 10,000IU Riboflavin BP 2,000 mg Menadione Sodium bisulphite complex 8000mg d-Pantothenic Acid 16,000 mg Thiamine Nitrate BP 1,000mg Folic acid BP 500 mg Potassium (as Potassium Chloride BP) 4% Sodium (as Sodium Chloride BP) 4%

113.5 gms, 1kg

Organic Selenium 2000 ppm+ Vitamin E 10% w/w

25gm, 250gm, 1kg

Organic Selenium 2000ppm + Organic 10000ppm+ Vitamin E 10% w/w

25gm, 250gm, 1kg

Serratiopeptidase+Vit.E+Selenium+Vit.C Tablets


Sodium Chloride 5.5mg+ Magnesium Chloride 300mcg+ Calcium Chloride 300mcg + Sodium acetate 5.0mg+ Potassium acetate 1.0mg +Sodium Citrate 800mcg + Dextrose 50mg

1 Ltr

Thiamine Hcl 33.3mg+Pyridoxin Hcl 3.3mg+Cyanocobalamin 33.3 mcg+Niacinamide 33.3mg+Vitamin B5 1.66mg +D-panthenol 1.66mg in each ml inj

10ml, 30ml vial

Vitamin A 1,00,000 IU/ml

1 Ltr

Vitamin A 2,50,000 IU +Vitamin D3 25,000IU+ Vitamin E 150 mg + Vitamin C 500mg


Vitamin A 250000 I.U +Vitamin D3 25000 I.U+ Vitamin E 100 I.U/ml Inj

10ml vial

Vitamin A 5750 I.U+Vit.D3+Vit E+ calcium+ Copper + Cobalt+Iron(Ferrous)+Iodine+Manganese+Magnesium+Phosphorous+Selenium+Zinc Bolus

5750 I.U+ 1150 I.U+ 650mcg + 480mg + 5mg + .25mg + 24mg + 5mg + 95mg + 32mg+ 320mg + 1mg+ 5mg

Vitamin A 82,500IU + Vitamin B2 50mg+ Vitamin D3 12,000IU+Vitamin K10mg/Gm


Vitamin A250000 I.U + Vitamin D3 25000 I.U + Vitamin E25000 I.U / ml Inj

10ml vial

Vitamin B1 4mg+ Vitamin B6 8mg+ Vitamin B12 40mcg+Vitamin E 40mg + Calcium Pantothenate 40mg + Niacin 60mg/gm

25gm, 250gm, 1kg

Vitamin B1(Thiamine Hcl) 30mg+Vitamin B6(Pyridoxine Hcl) 13.75mg+Vitamin B12(cyanocobalamin) 500mcg Inj

10ml, 30ml

Vitamin B2 2 mg + Vitamin B6 1.10 mg + Vitamin B12 12.50 mcg+ L-lysine 7.50 mg + DL-Methionine 7.50 mg.+ Niacinamide 50mg.+ Calcium D Pantothenate 2 mg per 10ml

1litre, 5litre bottle/jar

Vitamin E 10% with Selenium 200 PPM powder

50 & 200 gm, 1kg Sachet

Vitamin E 100mg + Selenium 0.5mg/ml

250ml, 500ml, 1ltr, 25ltr

Vitamin E 17gm +Selenium 2gm per litre

500ml, 1litre

Vitamin E 500mg/gm


Zinc 15.2g + Manganese 2.88g+ Copper 1.57g + Saccharomyces Cerevisiea

25gm, 250gm, 1kg


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