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Aceclofenac BP

Aceclofenac BP

Product Details:


Product Description

Aceclofenac BP

CAS No  :                    89796-99-6

Molecular formula : C16H13Cl2NO4

Molecular Weight  :   354.18

Melting point :        149-153°C

Storage temp.         -20°C Freezer Description:  Anti-inflammatory analgesic.

Specification :

Description:-   White to almost white crystalline powder.

Solubility :-    Freely soluble in Acetone, Soluble in Methanol, Practically insoluble in water.

A) I.R. :     IR Spectrum is concordant with working Reference Standard.
B) Melting Point:-  Between 148°C to 152°C

Loss on Drying : Not more than 0.5% w/w

Water content : Not more than 0.50% w/w

Sulfated ash :  Not more than 0.1% w/w

Heavy Metals : Not more than 10PPM

Related substances:     Each Individual Impurity : NMT  0.20%     ( HPLC )  (Imp: A,B,C,D,E,F,G)

                                      Impurity : H & I : NMT   0.10% 
                                      Any unknown impurity :  NMT 0.10%
                                      Total Impurities : NMT 0.7 %

Assay (By chemical)      NLT 99.0% NMT 101.0 %  w/w (On trial Basis)

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