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Skin Care

Skin Care

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Skin Care



Dosage Form

Myristica fragrans + Aloe vera + Gelidum cartilageneum + Rosmarinus officinalis + Glycine soja + Cucumis sativus

Gentle & cool nourishing seawood gel with special and precise blending of herbs for quick absorption around the eyes. This gel reduces the appearances of wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. It increases the brightness and adds sparkle to the area around eyes.

Under Eye gel for Dark Circles

Neem Leaves

Skin diseases



Skin Diseases & Diabetes Management


Aloe vera + Santalum album + Fragaria vesca + Cedrus deodara + Citrullus vulgaris

A rich moisturiser with herbal blend of essential vitamins and humectants keeps skin essentially moist with oil free efficacy.

Moisturiser for Normal to Oily Skin

Fuller's earth + Rosa centifolia + Lavandula vera + Honey + Curcuma longa + Bentonite + Kaolin + Acacia nilotica

The extraordinarily smooth ,supple ,spreadable cream-mask incorporates active natural ingredients which enhance the immune defense system which effectively smoothens & tightens your skin thus giving a clear youthful radiance to tired slackened skin. The complexion is clear, luminous fresh & glowing.

Pack for pigmented skin

Jasminum grandiflorum + Piper longum + Myristica fragrans + Curcuma longa + Zinc oxide

A unique mixture of herbs penetrates deep to absorb impurities and cleanse the skin pores. It controls sebum, acne and blackhead formation.

Face Pack for Acne

Camelia sinensis + Gelidium cartilagineum + Triticum sativum germ + Myrtus caryaphyllus + Melia azadirachta

An excellent preparation for pimples / acne skin. Prevents pimples / acne by removing excess oil and also reduces scarring due to pimples / acne.

Anti Acne Cream

Honey + Citrus limonum + Sapindus trifoliatus + Daucus carota + Hibiscus rosa sinensis + Vaccinium avonblue

A rich herbal cleanser removes dust and dirt which blocks pores & leaves skin smoother and healthier.

Normal Skin (foaming face cleanser)

Brassica nira + Triticum sativum + Prunis Amygdalus + Glycine soja + Olea europaea

High performance easily absorbing blend of natural oils viz. Olive oil and Wheat germ oil it protects and energizes skin against dehydration. By stimulating the blood circulation it promotes firmer & smoother skin.

Massage Cream for all skin type.

Ananas sativus + Citrus aurantium + Melia azadirachta + Curcuma longa + Tagetes erecta + Eucalyptus globules

A strong effective blend of herbs which penetrate deep to refresh your senses. This herbal rich cleanser removes excess oils and takes away impurities like dirt and dust.

Face cleanser for oil control

Tagetes erecta + Cucumis sativus + Mentha arvensis + Morus alba + Rosa damascene + Aloe vera + Aloe vera + Honey

Refreshing and soothing antiseptic pure herbal skin toner, which works deep into the skin to energize the moisture system. This refines the pores and keeps skin firmer, livelier, clean and fresh.

Skin Refreshing toner (For all skin types)

Citris aurantium + Glycyrrhiza glabra + Triticum sativum + Santalum album + Daucus carota + Punica granatun

A unique formula which helps the skin look younger. It's natural vitamins & minerals restore radiance and soften skin. Regular use of night cream ensures that skin looks beautiful, stays healthy and gives a more luminous complexion.

Nourishing Night Cream

Crocus sativus + Cocus nucifera + Citrus limonum + Lycopersicum esculentum + Cucumis melo

Super light cream with selective herbs, quickly absorbs to provide deep hydration to the skin and blocks harmful sun rays. Controls hyper pigmentation and helps to reduce freckles thus promoting a beautiful, healthy and fairer complexion.

Natural Fairness cream

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